piątek, 14 września 2012

#8 NYFW S/S 2013 Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch and Michael Kors - colors!

Carolina Herrera

Tory Burch

Michael Kors

Ok, all the previous posts were about s/s collections, this will too. But when I revised them all, I realized it was all black and white, eventually nude, red, silver (each once!)

Se here it is, the REAL SPRING/SUMMER preview. With colors. I mean, we're in atumn mood now, but let's come back to this time when we see the first tufts on the trees, when the days become longer, and when we finally go out bare-legged for the first time. Who the heel thinks about black then? Not me for sure.

Maybe this are not the most flower-power-color-on-the color pieces. But c'mon it's New York!

Anyway this shows were totally diferent, but they have at least one thing in common, some colors! Carolina Herrera is rather calm and romantic, while Tory Burch makes us feel about some summer walk and in the end Michael Kors makes us come back to the reality, very striped reality by the way.

Now tell me which designer made it for you?

For me, Tory Burch caught the real summer vibe.


All the photos are from The Cut.

czwartek, 13 września 2012

#7 NYFW S/S 2013 Victoria Beckham and DKNY - chick!


Victoria Beckham

Both collections make me think about perfectly chic woman walking on the streets of a big city, rushing from one place to another with a cup of takeaway coffee in one hand, and a bag and a tablet in the other. Talking on the phone at the same time probably.

She would wear one of this pieces, depending on her age and occupation she would choose something more elegant, like the last dress by Victoria Beckham, or one of this a lil' baggy suits, or something totally crazy like this Donna Karen silver pieces and (out)underwear.

I really like the cuts in both collections. They are a bit different, Victoria made them more discreet, while Donna Karen wasn't afraid of contrasting elements in the upper part and Angelina's bare leg in the lower. I can't decide which I like more. I guess the difference makes the decision impossible.

I have to come back to the subject of shoes again. Because, just look at those perfect DKNY heels which are something in between Isabel Marant sneakers and perfectly shaped Loubutin's. They have this sporty vibe, but if you look at the models walking back you get this sexy impression, a gril walking in high heels has.

Also, big thanks to Victoria for high-hats! I'm in love.

And how do you feel about this collections? Especially Victoria Beckam's as we usually associate her with Victoria's Secret fancy shows.

Hope to read your opinions :)


All photos are from The Cut (NYMag). You can find some more pictures there.

środa, 12 września 2012

#6 NYFW S/S 2013 Alexander Wang

Now we have to make it a law. Alexander Wang is a real master in fashion. 

Just look at this photos, or better check the whole fashion show, every cut in every single piece is just in the right place, it's like a part of body. It makes visible what we should see and creates perfect proportions of silhouette.

It’s black and white only. Plus some calm hues which keep the whole contrasted show together. It’s the best evidence that simplicity is the best base.

As if he didn’t have enough, Alexander Wang decided to create the best shoes fashion world have seen so far. You know, after designing PERFECTION, you probably sit on your couch with a cup of coffee or some orange juice and you start to think, why not to add some shoes to the collection. They would look great with all those pieces. So you take this pen from the phone table and draw few simple lines on a piece of paper. And it turns out it’s just what all the world was waiting for (without even noticing that of course.) I think, you can feel a genius then. Anyone? If yes, contact me as soon as possible.

And I won't even say anything about the final.

I’d love to hear your opinions!

Dunin :)

All the photos are from NYMag site.

wtorek, 11 września 2012


As a tribute to the NYC on this Special Day. A fashion anthem from its streets.

SMILING HAPPY PEOPLE in the Big Apple, September 2012

Anna Dello Russo

Shanina Shaik

Candice Lake

Estelle and Selita Ebanks

Leandra Medine

Woldy Reyes

Miles McMillan

Xiao Wen Ju

Elena Perminova

All the photos are from The Cut - NYMag (you can find so much more on their website.)

PS. Alexander Wang tomorrow!